Mollard 12″ Oak P Series Baton

Mollard 12″ Oak P Series Baton


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In stock < 5


The Mollard batons are handcrafted in the USA from hand selected hardwoods with handles polished to high gloss. The wood shafts are finished in clear gloss or bright white, and the carbon fiber shafts are finished in pearlescent white. All Mollard batons are hand balanced using interior counterweights and the carbon fiber shafts match the size and weight distribution of Mollard wood shafts. They are known to be extremely lightweight.

The varied styles, lengths and weights of Mollard batons means that they are used throughout the world for small chamber ensembles, opera, theartre to full bands and orchestras.

Follow the link below for the Mollard Baton Guide.

Baton Guide

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