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#titlecomposerpublisherinstrumentationensemble typeprice
291All you need is Love - TubaLennon/McCartney arr DedrickHALBrass QuintetQuintet$ 32.95
292Mambo No. 5Prado arr. ChristensenHALBrass EnsembleEnsemble (6+)$ 53.95
293I Wan'na Be Like YouSherman arr. ChristensenHALBrass Ensemble$ 53.95
294Go Daddy-OMorris arr. ChristensenHALBrass EnsembleEnsemble (6+)$ 53.95
295Mission ImpossibleSchifrin, Lalo arr. BerryHALBrass Ensemble$ 53.95
296Lonely Bull, TheLake arr. MurthaHALBrass EnsembleEnsemble (6+)$ 53.95
297Amazing Gracetrad. ChristensenHALBrass EnsembleEnsemble (6+)$ 53.95
298CaberetEbb & Kander arr MurthaHALBrass EnsembleEnsemble (6+)$ 53.95
299Jump, Jive An' WailPrima arr. MooreHALBrass EnsembleEnsemble (6+)$ 53.95
300Lassus TromboneFillmore, Henry arr. ChristensenHALBrass EnsembleEnsemble (6+)$ 53.95
301JavaSchack arr MurthaHALBrass Ensemble$ 53.95
302George of the JungleWorth & AllmanHALBrass EnsembleEnsemble (6+)$ 53.95
303We wish you a merry ChristmasRutter, John arr.WinwoodBrass Band$ 58.00
304RudolphMarksBrassworksBrass QuintetQuintet$ 37.00
305Joy to the WorldHandel arr. ZellnerBrassworksBrass QuintetQuintet$ 37.00
306Santa ClausCoots arr. JankeBrassworksBrass QuintetQuintet$ 37.00
307Novelle Noelarr. KiesbauerBrassworksBrass QuintetQuintet$ 37.00
308Rudolph the Red Nose ReindeerMarks arr. FrackenphlKendorBrass QuintetQuintet$ 18.50
309Christmas Jazz Portrait, ANiehaus, Lennie arr.KendorBrass QuintetQuintet$ 43.00
310Accent on Christmas Horn in FO'Reilly & WilliamsAlfredDuet/Trio$ 12.95
311Accent on Christmas TrumpetO'Reilly & WilliamsAlfredDuet/Trio$ 12.95
312Ding Dong Merrily on HighRutter, John arr.OxfordBrass QuintetQuintet$ 32.95
313Christmas JoytradReiftBrass QuintetQuintet$ 29.95
314Jingle BellsPearson, LeslieBrasswindFour BrassQuartet$ 50.00
315Carols for Brass IIClack arr.B&HBrass Quartet/Quintet$ 44.95
316Christmas AngelsUdell arr.KendorBrass QuintetQuintet$ 18.50
317We wish you a merry ChristmasRutter, John arr.OxfordBrass QuintetQuintet$ 48.95
318Christmas Song, TheTorme arr. HendersonHALBrass QuintetQuintet$ 58.95
319Jingle BellsPierpont arr. CableHALBrass QuintetQuintet$ 39.95
320White ChristmasBerlin arr. HendersonHALBrass QuintetQuintet$ 58.95
321Yamaha Christmas Ensembles TrumpetO'Reilly & KinyonAlfredBrassQuintet$ 14.95
322Yamaha Christmas Ensembles TromboneO'Reilly & KinyonAlfredBrass$ 14.95
323Yamaha Christmas Ensembles Horn in FO'Reilly & KinyonAlfredBrass$ 14.95
324Canadian Brass Christmas Carols Trumpet 1arr. LarsonHALBrass QuintetQuintet$ 16.95
325Canadian Brass Christmas Carols Tubaarr. LarsonHALBrass QuintetQuintet$ 16.95
326Canadian Brass Christmas Carols Trombone 2arr. LarsonHALBrass QuintetQuintet$ 16.95
327Canadian Brass Christmas Carols Trombone 1arr. LarsonHALBrass QuintetQuintet$ 16.95
328Canadian Brass Christmas Carols Horn in Farr. LarsonHALBrass QuintetQuintet$ 16.95
329Canadian Brass Christmas Carols Trumpet 2arr. LarsonHALBrass QuintetQuintet$ 16.95
330Canadian Brass Christmas Carols Scorearr. LarsonHALBrass QuintetQuintet$ 23.95
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